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Your smile is probably one of the first things people notice about you. But what if you don’t have a smile you are happy with?

If your smile doesn’t include straight, even teeth, you might be hesitant to show it.

You might have thought about getting braces, but you are not sure if you want to commit to a mouth full of metal wires and brackets for months or even years.

At Ferentchak Family Dentistry, we are pleased to offer our patients two orthodontic options that provide discreet treatment but yield fabulous results: Invisalign invisible braces and Six Month Smiles. 

You don’t have to live with crooked, uneven, or gapped teeth. These orthodontic options can give you the smile of your dreams in a shorter time than you expected.

Call Ferentchak Family Dentistry and out how you can transform your smile in a matter of months! 

Six Month Smiles

Six Month Smiles is an innovative orthodontic treatment that gives you straighter teeth in less time. Adults who are looking for treatment that is more affordable than traditional braces and who are primarily looking to straighten their front teeth are particularly suited to Six Month Smiles.

Six Month Smiles are clear braces that are subtle and far less noticeable than traditional braces. The only thing people are likely to notice is that you have started smiling more, revealing your even, straight, beautiful teeth!

Invisalign Invisible Braces

The Invisalign invisible braces system uses a series of translucent plastic aligners that gently nudge your teeth into a correct position. These custom aligners fit tightly over your teeth and should be worn for most of the day and night for the best results.

When you are wearing the aligners, most people won’t even be able to see them. Since they can be removed, there are no restrictions on eating and drinking, which gives Invisalign a big advantage over traditional orthodontics. If you have a special event, you can remove the aligners for a few hours while you attend and put them back in afterward to continue straightening your teeth.

Every few weeks, you will get a new set of aligners, which will continue the process of repositioning your teeth. The process of moving your teeth into a straightened position usually takes less time than traditional braces, but you must commit to wearing the aligners for the recommended hours per day.

Why Should You Straighten Your Teeth?

Straight teeth are important—and it isn’t just about esthetics.

When teeth are crowded or overlapped, it can make brushing and flossing difficult. When you can’t brush and floss properly, this can increase your risk of developing decay and gum disease. Even if you have gaps in your teeth, food can get trapped, which can also create problems like decay and bad breath.

Say Goodbye to the Stigma of Braces—And Hello to Straight Teeth!

Learn more about Invisalign and Six Month Smiles by scheduling an appointment at Ferentchak Family Dentistry. Our new orthodontic options can give you the straight, even teeth you wish you had been born with, without the long commitment or stigma of traditional metal braces.








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